ifisnull? create!

When making choices or decisions, often we face unknowns or gaps in the status quo. This is common in programming as well,

IF (ifisnull IS NULL)
    CREATE BLOG ifisnull;

As I continue to grow in my career in data and software development, the idea of this blog was born out of that idea and how common it is in software development. I don’t want it to be just about programming though – I hope to include other creative related hobbies.

But this first post will serve as a starting point as I aim to create a new path of personal growth. It also serves as my application for mentorship. Now would be an awesome time to gain honest feedback and direction.

My first introduction to programming was as a kid when I was introduced to a console that let me write games in BASIC. I continued to learn more when during school and hobby applications. I remember my first programming class which covered HTML using FrontPage. Later in high school, I was able to create my own elective course covering Visual Basic. Before I officially started my career in IT / Software, I was making hobby android applications (like a digital speedometer themed with my car’s font). I believe all of these helped me eventually land my internship at a software company. I have since spent years in software development, and eventually shifting my focus and the last several years focusing on the database side of operations.

At every level so far, I still have the excitement of creating something from nothing, and pulling all the working parts together.

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